Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marketing & P.R.

NWA Boutique Show Logo
Dear Merchants,

This week's issue focuses on marketing. It's time to start PROMOTING the NWA Boutique Show to our friends, customers and the general public. The more effective we are with getting the word out... the more people will attend the show... and that means more dollars in your pocket.

Effective marketing is crucial to the success of our show. Your contacts are invaluable and a KEY contribution to our marketing mix. Everyone pitching in to spread the word and reach the right people is what makes this show so effective! With that in mind, please read this issue carefully and
note your part in pink.

We all know how great you are.... but let's get thousands of people through those doors so they can meet you too! Thanks to ALL OF YOU for pitching in to make this show a success! What an amazing group!

Marketing & P.R.
October 25, 2010


We have 15,000 full-color glossy postcards for you to distribute. Place them in your customer orders, in your booths at other shows, take a stack to your favorite stores, your church, pediatrician, doctor, dentist, playgroup, work, etc. Place them where your kids go to school, dance, tumbling, karate, etc. Keep a stash in your car and have them ready to take in with you wherever you go!

Each merchant is required to distribute a minimum of 150 postcards. Postcards may be picked up anytime from 2752 E Boardwalk Court in Fayetteville. There will be a sign-out sheet to initial when you collect your cards. (If you live outside of NWA, we ask that you promote heavily via e-mail and Facebook.)

Directions: From Crossover/Mission intersection in east Fayetteville, head south on Crossover toward Sonic. The first true street on your right is Boardwalk Court. Look for the third house on the right... a brick two-story with arched front porch.

Magazine Ads

Full-Color Ads in the October issues of CitiScapes and The Kids Directory hit stands earlier this month. Each publication distributes 20,000 copies across NWA. That's 60,000 impressions overall!

The same ads will run again in November issues, in addition to large ads in Peekaboo, NWA Metro Woman and various other publications.


The first of our big promotional e-mails to the public goes out this week.
When this e-mail comes to your inbox, please forward it to all your friends with a personal note letting them know you will be a part of the show! Invite them to sign up within that e-mail or on our website for future announcements and special "fast-pass" entry to the NWA Boutique Show. (more on that later.)

We'll be asking you to follow up with a reminder e-mail two weeks prior to the event and one final e-mail the Wednesday before the show.

Here is a sample blurb to use as you forward our e-mail:

We are excited to be a part of the NWA Boutique Show... Friday and Saturday, November 19-20 at the NWA Convention Center in Springdale! Don't miss your chance to shop over 100 amazing boutiques and literally thousands of custom and one-of-a-kind items!

Friday night is the "preview shopping night" which benefits charity and is $10 at the door with live Christmas jazz, awesome swag bags, door prizes and more. Saturday shopping hours are 9-6 with free admission, concessions and door prizes.

For a sneak peek at all the great merchants, and to find directions and hours, check out the show website at

P.S. If you sign up on the main page of the website, they will send you a "Preferred Shopper Fast Pass" so you won't have to wait in line at the door on Saturday! The pass will also automatically enter you to win dozens of door prizes donated by the merchants


Our website
www.nwaboutiqueshow.com has been updated with show specifics, merchant list, map, merchant FAQ section, etc. Please double-check your link and let us know if any updates are necessary.

Add the Show to Your Blog/Website

Don't forget to include a link to http://
www.nwaboutiqueshow.com on your blog, etsy store, website, etc. Promote the show on ALL OF IT. We'll be monitoring this... so let us know when you have it up.

Facebook It! Social Media is BIG

Did you know that if Facebook were a country, it would be the 4th largest in the world? Did you know that the #2 largest search engine in the world is YouTube? Did you know that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations. Only 14% trust advertisements.

Social Media is BIG. We need to use it. Tweet about the show, talk about it on Facebook, invite others to become a FAN of our page on Facebook. (There is an event link you can use as well.) Post something on You Tube to showcase your product and promote the show. All of us pitching in to promote the show creates buzz you just can't buy!

Yard Signs - Plant Them Sunday, 11/14

We'll be handling all the new updated signage. But, if you have a yard sign from last show, please remember to put it out in a high-traffic location or intersection near your home the Sunday before the show. Try to steer clear of actual shopping center or mall property... but think about places women will see it. Corners of suburbian intersections, soccer fields, baseball parks, schools, etc. Permission is always nice!

Please e-mail us and let us know where you plan to plant your sign so we'll know what is covered and can fill in the gaps.

Car Magnets - Slap Them On 11/14

If you have a car magnet from last show, please put it on your vehicle the Sunday before the show.

Cross Promotion

A key P.R. tool is cross-promotion. Last spring, Rhea Lana's children's consignment sale passed out thousands of our "save the date" cards in their shopping bags.
It's not too late to do even more cross promotion and/or set up future relationships. Who do you know that can cross-promote with us? Let us know!


When you open up the Kids Directory or pick up one of our postcards, you'll notice special thanks given to NWA Motherlode, Kids Directory and CitiScapes. These amazing media outlets were gracious enough to help promote our show... and we'll help promote them too. Please say thank you and support these guys! They are incredible!

If you know of any other media who might sponsor future shows... let us know!