Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Booth Details, Display & Merchandising

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Dear Merchants,

This week's newsletter will focus on booth display and merchandising. Each year, we are in awe of the enormous amount of energy and creativity you put into your booths. Of course, from such an amazingly creative group, we would expect nothing less!

The buzz for the fall show has officially begun! A few of our magazine ads hit the stands this past week. We were featured in the October issues of Citiscapes and The Kids Directory... with a circulation of 20,000 copies per publication. We even had a front page story on Motherlode today! Check it out at: http://nwamotherlode.com

Next week, we'll be sending you information on how you can help with our marketing and publicity efforts. Meanwhile, please go ahead and join our Facebook group... and invite your friends to join! We'll be starting a series of posts featuring YOU... our incredible merchants! You won't want to miss out on valuable P.R. for your business! Everyone you know needs to be on our Facebook page. Here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=69244262372

Have an inspiring and creative weekend!

Booth Details, Display & Merchandising
October 8, 2010

Your Booth Represents YOU!

Your personal creativity is at the heart of your business -- it literally IS your business. Show the world your creativity! Use your booth to not only sell the day of the show... but to build your future business. You are establishing your image to the public.

Here are a few tips to help when designing your booth:

  • Make your booth inviting and comfortable to guests.

  • Provide good traffic-flow.

  • Showcase your work in an appealing and creative way.

  • Keep your booth stocked, but uncluttered.

  • Make the most of vertical space!

  • Display merchandise at various levels, arranged in a way that makes sense to shoppers.

  • Use easy-to-read signage. (pricing, custom order information, etc.)

  • Use signage to offer sales suggestions. (e.g. Great Teacher Christmas Gifts!)

Booth Ideas & Inspiration

We've posted a few pics and resources at http://www.nwaboutiqueshow.blogspot.com/
Remember... your booth is a window to your business. This is your storefront and YOU are the key salesperson.
Props & Backdrops

All the creative props you guys find amaze us! We love how so many of you use ordinary items in extraordinary ways to give your booth impact! Our favorite booths are always the ones that showcase the product... and look great doing it!

You will definitely want to think about how you'll define your space. Our booths are open, so many merchants like to bring or rent a backdrop of some sort. Others bring props to give the illusion of walls and define their space. We've seen everything from bakers racks, shelving, old doors hinged together, wire frame panels, hanging racks, furniture, self-standing closet organizers, etc.... the sky's the limit. Others use tables around the perimeter and put things up on the tables to add height. Some just leave them open. Be as creative as you'd like but remember to respect the booth next door and behind you.

All of us on the Boutique Show staff are suckers for fun display items and always on the lookout for interesting booth props. We have a few doors, windows and shutters if anyone needs them. Paint them a fun color! Put knobs on them! Hinge them together! Add feet! Paint them with chalkboard paint! If anyone wants any of it... please let us know. First come, first served. We'll send you pics and prices. You can even pay with paypal if you'd like.

General Booth Details

A 6' skirted table, 2 chairs and small wastebasket is provided in each 10 x 10 booth. (2 tables will be provided in each 10 x 20 booth.) Booths are taped off, but open. (i.e. no walls) Each merchant should provide or create their own "backdrop" to define the space.

Backdrops, electricity, wi-fi and extra tables are available a la carte.
Costs for additional services should be paid directly to the NWA Convention Center. Following is a partial list of extras and their cost. Please link to the forms below for full details. Forms should be faxed or mailed to the NWA Convention Center no later than November 10th.

10' x 10' Full Pipe & Drape - 3 sides$50
10' x 10' Backdrop - back side only$35
Extra 6' Table$10
Electricity - 1 Cord (Additional options available on form)$50

Convention Center EXTRAS Form

Convention Center Credit Card Authorization Form

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